Liability rented gear

Liability rented gear

This contract is to ensure all equipments, subject to compulsory insurance, leased by the subscriber, for the needs of the company.

Because of the exclusion in the Civil Liability contracts for compulsory insurance of motors vehicles (Section 211.1 of the Insurance Code), Responsabilities Civil Traffic and Operation must be purchased by separate agreement.

Are guaranteed the financial consequences of civil liability underwriter for the damage caused to third parties during the movement of vehicles and the operation liability which covers damage related to the use of machines as a tool (the latter is not supported by landlords)

Example: bucket excavator rental hard cable during use : we cater for damage caused to third parties

The fee is calculated on the sales locations taken in the year.

We can also extend our guarantees to the theft, vandalism, fire, glass breakage and damage, which are not insured by the owner.