Of all acts, the most complete is that of constructing."

Paul Valéry

DCF Courtage insures construction sites, equipment and workers

Specialised in corporate civil and decennial liability insurance, DCF Courtage provides property developers, construction companies, contractors and sub-contractors from all countries (France, Portugal, Spain, etc.) with complete insurance coverage for their building sites in France.
We assist all construction companies in their obligation to provide a ten-year liability guarantee to operate in France.
Our civil liability insurance protects your business from damages caused to third parties in relation to your activity.
Our D&O civil liability insurance covers corporate directors and officers in the event of a claim.
Our insurance coverage extends to all the equipment rented for your construction sites in France.

Why entrust the coverage of your construction sites to DCF Courtage?

We provide expertise, experience and ongoing assistance, from setting up insurance policies to managing claims.

Our decennial liability experience results from more than ten years of protecting building sites in France. We assist French construction corporations and companies established in Spain, Portugal, etc.
To effectively protect you, we strive to know you fully.

For this reason, we aim at building trusted proximity relationships with our clients using a personalised approach.
DCF Courtage offers a comprehensive range of corporate and speciality business insurance solutions tailored to your industry.

Thanks to our leading insurance partners and the co-brokerage company SATEC we can offer you reliable and competitive products.

DCF Courtage has been guaranteeing and insuring construction sites for over ten years

with an insurance offer suitable to all types of construction projects.

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